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Q: Are these the original Swan Kakigori Machines from Japan
A: Yes they are.

Q: I want to buy one or more machines, but I do not live in Spain
A: No problem, We ship worldwide.

Q: How fast can you deliver?
A: We got all machines in stock, depends on the country. Prices are excluding shipment.

Q: If I need new blades, can I buy them at as well?
A: Yes, you can. We sell them per packages of 2 for 99 euro ex IVA.

Q: I see the machines cheaper on the internet…
A: Are you sure it is a Swan? If so, please consider import, tax, shipment, weight and quality and a little profit and you will see that the prices are very reasonable.

Q: Do you have a service desk when I have questions?
A: Yes, you can reach us at We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Dutch and Japanese.

Q: How long is the guarantee period?
A: All the machines have a six month guarantee. We do not give money back but will repair or change your Kakigori Machine in case of manufacturing problems. But hey, it’s Japanese quality, so nothing will break.

Q: I want to buy more than 1 machine, is there an discount?
A: Yes, mail us and we make you a good deal.

Q: Do you also deliver the syrops?
A: Not yet, but we working on it, stay tuned.

Q: Is it normal ice you use for the Kakigori?
A: We recommend vitalized water.

Q: Will there be more items on Japandepato?
A: Yes, in the near future we have more quality products like: rice steamers, Taiyaki machines, quality knifes and some more quality kitchenware from Japan.

Q; Can you give me some more specifics about the whole package that comes with the Machines?
A: The Kakigori machines is suitable for all kinds of ice, the trick is that you have to wait a few minutes and even ‘wash’ the ice a bit, so that the ice gets more transparant. That gives you that special cotton shaved ice. How more transparant the ice, how more the ice mixes with the syrups as well. The ice cup is made of aluminium with a bit of warm water, the block of ice gets out easily.
A second cup is included.

Stay tuned for more Japandepato

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